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Here you can watch online Slugterra episode 3 season 1 for free and all the others episodes of Slugterra. Also you can watch Slugterra episode 3 – The Trade online in HD or full screen.

In this Slugterra episode 3 you can watch how The gang runs into a slinger with ghoul slugs and are defeated by him. They return home to a destroyed hideout. In order to replace all the gear destroyed at the hideout and in the battle against the slinger, they have to get new gear and a few upgrades. To buy all the gear, Eli has to trade Joules. On the way back home, Eli decides to get his slug back and goes to the shop. The Shopkeeper refuses about the refund. Eli and the gang go to the back side of the shop where they found Joules. They also ran into one of Blakk’s men named Diablos El Nacho. They fight and the gang is defeated. So they head to Blakk’s Headquarters to get Joules. In the process, they also free the other slugs trapped. Eli gets Jolues and duels Blakk. As Blakk and his men were too strong, the gang escpes to the hideout.

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